I Love This Photo, Number 14


This sounds crazy, but this is my favourite wedding photo from the summer so far. It says so little and yet lets your imagination tell you so much. It’s a wedding story.

It was shot at Kerry and Jon’s countryside wedding, and these two people were stood at the bar in the marquee, and they instantly caught my eye. My wedding photography is very observational, so I am always trying to look for something different and to take those photos at all sorts of angles and heights that gives the frame an individual and unique feel. The photo of the two people on their own might have been nice, but wouldn’t have said a lot. It’s my job to create a story out of my clients wedding day, and the small little moments that happen within it.

To me it’s like the two pairs of shoes have taken on a personality of their own, like people stood at a bar. I can almost feel the nervous tension as the black shoes pluck up the courage to talk to the pretty pink shoes as she orders a gin and tonic. The black shoes, normally a bitter drinker orders a martini, shaken, not stirred, for manly effect as they stutter the words “Come here often?”

The pink shoes, playing hard to get obviously turn their nose up at this advance, as the black shoes sink back into their heels…BUT. Black shoes is a trier if nothing else, and persists until pink shoes cracks, and they dance the night away…you can make up how the story ends (wink wink).

It’s been a long hot summer, and I am possibly going a little delirious, but my point is this…

If you want wedding photos with a difference,  with creativity and taken with a documentary eye to create a wedding story then hopefully I am the man for you. So please do GET IN TOUCH, share, like, comment and tell me all about your wedding shoes to boot (boom boom).

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