I Love This Photo, Number 14


Look, don’t start, I know I am a documentary wedding photographer, but…sometimes, just sometimes, the creative juices take over and I take a wedding portrait because some of my clients ask and sometimes the scenery just lends itself to such a momentous occasion.

Of course me being me, I don’t take a wedding portrait like anyone else. It’s massively important that the personality and relationship the couple have together jumps out of the photo, and it’s a moment they can treasure forever. COOLING CASTLE BARN in Kent is probably the most photographed wedding venue in the country, possibly the world, so it was important to me to take something a little different at Molly and Jordan’s wedding. These guys are fun loving and despite Molly’s protestations they look great in front of the camera, and how relaxed and happy do they look in this photograph?!

To capture an image like this I keep things really informal and relaxed. I take the couple for a walk after the wedding breakfast, when the stresses of the day are over and the light is at its best. I give them room to breathe and chat and now and again join in the conversation if I feel I have something witty to say to bring a smile to their faces. It’s as simple as that.

So is this photo a wedding portrait or a documentary wedding photo? Who knows, and who cares. What’s important is Molly and Jordan now have a great photo to hang on their wall and its completely individual to them.

If you would like to have a chat about your wedding day at Cooling Castle Barn or anywhere else for that matter please GET IN TOUCH and don’t forget to take a cruise through my WEDDING PORTFOLIO.


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