I Love This Photo, Number Four


This is Alex, he is hot…and sweaty, and would probably have liked to have jumped in the lake to cool off a touch (to be fair we all wanted to) during Beccy and Saul’s wedding at The Ridge Golf Club in Kent. This photograph is what I love about documentary wedding photography. My photography is all about looking for those little moments that other people don’t notice, but bring a narrative to the day. No Alex isn’t going to put it on his wall, but he is going to laugh every time he see’s it and remember his sister’s brilliant wedding forever, even though it was 30 degrees!

His face is an absolute picture, but it’s not just that, that makes the picture work. The little girl with those massive glasses staring at him in bewilderment and his mum taking a crafty iPhone picture add so much more to the image. He is so preoccupied with the heat he doesn’t even notice the pair of them having a chuckle at his expense.

Documentary wedding photography is unique, every wedding I photograph is different, which means you get a bespoke collection of images, what could be better than that for the best day of your life?

An usher sitting down after the wedding breakfast fanning himself with some paper because he is so hot at The Ridge Golf Club in Kent, photographed by Simon Hawkins Documentary Photography
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