You Sexy Beast…


Beccy and Saul decided to tie the knot on the hottest day of 2015. It was so hot in fact that it reminded me of the film Sexy Beast featuring Ray Winstone, the opening scene where he is laid stretched out upon the sun bed, muttering the words ‘oh yeah, bloody hell, I’m sitting here, roasting, boiling, baking. sweltering, its like a sauna, a furnace, you could fry an egg on my stomach…’

Throughout the day I heard several very similar comments from a wide selection of guests who had come to Langley Church, Maidstone,  to celebrate the wedding day of Beccy and Saul. They had been truly blessed with a gloriously sunny day, although I’m not sure that Beccy fully appreciated that when trying to manoeuvre into her classic princess white wedding dress! After  the ceremony we headed to The Ridge Golf Club,  for a relaxing afternoon on the terrace for the adults, and a lot of sweaty running about through the golf bunkers for the many children that were present. This, along with a little help from a ‘sweetie table’ and a various selection of E numbers, was enough to keep all of their guests, both adults and children alike, dancing well into the early hours, long after the sun had set and the evening had cooled.

Take a look at their photo film below and see for yourself the little touches that went into creating their perfect day. If you’re looking for someone to document your dream day then get in touch at www.documentyourdream.com

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