Footloose at The Orangery

I can honestly say I had not enjoyed a wedding so much as Gina and Paul’s in a long time. Both their families were lovely and really made me feel part of the day. I knew the wedding was going to be slightly different as they were having a “Marryoke” video which gave the proceedings an extra element of fun. This certainly comes across in the images I shot  and gives you a feel for the couples fun personalities. The song of choice was Footloose. Watch out for the father of the groom giving it the full Kenny Loggins in the pictures… (Paul has since told me that a copious amount of beer may have played a large part in his enthusiasm!)

As well as hanging around with lots of lovely people I got to photograph at The Orangery in Maidstone for the first time. Recent Winner of ‘The Brides Choice’ at the Kent Wedding Awards 2015, It’s a venue with beautiful gardens -professionally manicured to within an inch of their lives! Luckily for Gina and Paul the rain which came down hard in the morning had disappeared by lunchtime, and they were able to get married under the picturesque gazebo in the gardens. The walk to the gazebo for the bride must surely be of world record proportions. It took around 10 minutes (inclusive of a dress malfunction for one of the bridesmaids) for Gina to reach her husband to be. Having said that, I bet it was great for Gina and her dad to have those last few extended moments together as he was able to proudly guide her down the aisle. Gina is the last (but no means the least) of three girls to be married, so no doubt that must be an emotional time for any dad. I have a young daughter myself so seeing these moments often makes me wonder what it will be like for me in a few year’s time…

The rest of the day was jam packed with laughter, tears (largely Gina crying), more laughter and me taking a record amount of photographs. I clearly enjoyed the day, the editing afterwards was not so much fun- but that will teach me for getting carried away!

Please take a few minutes to view the photos that made Gina cry (again). If you are due to be married soon and you’re looking for someone to document your dream day then please get in touch.

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