Shungu and David at Northbrook Park


If it wasn’t for the very English surroundings of the beautiful NORTHBROOK PARK ESTATE in Surrey, I could have believed that I was photographing an African wedding in Zimbabwe. If I had known how exhausting a day with these guys was going to be I would have had three Weetabix for breakfast not just the regular two.

I have never photographed so much dancing in all of my life, it was so much fun. My favourite image from the portfolio are the kids dancing, you couldn’t have held them back is the looked to join in with the adults as they danced and sang there way into the ceremony room. If you want to read more about Shungu and David’s day head on over to MY BLOG.

If you are getting married at Northbrook Park or any other beautiful country estate, castle, beach venue or back garden then GET IN TOUCH.


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