The Marriage Proposal


Katie, Jon, George and a Diamond Ring


I was invited to Jon and Katie’s BBQ in Maidstone to photograph a day in their lives during the summer as part of Katie’s 30th birthday present, but at no point did Jon mention there was going to be a marriage proposal! I feel so privileged to have been there to capture that amazing moment when Jon picked up their son George and proposed to Katie. Apparently the only person who knew it was going to happen was Katie’s dad, so it was a massive surprise to everyone at the BBQ, not least Katie. I had been chatting to Katie a few months before at HANNAH AND MATT’S WEDDING in Suffolk. During the conversation I very much got the impression she wanted to get married, so I was so happy for her when Jon dug the ring out his pocket and proposed. Their son George is of course integral to their lives and integral to this day in the life portfolio, young children provide such great entertainment that is probably taken for granted on a daily basis. Apart from the proposal George is very much the star of this show! If you are planning a surprise marriage proposal and want me to come along and photograph it for you then please don’t hesitate to GET IN TOUCH.

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