Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society

The Royal Photographic Society exists to promote photography and image-making and to support photographers in realising their potential, irrespective of their level of knowledge, equipment or skills. It has an international membership. The Society also acts as a public advocate for photography and photographers.

The Society offers a number of distinctions, which are recognised as the most prestigious in the world. So in 2013 I embarked on putting together the 10 images required to pass the LRPS (Licentiateship of the RPS) distinction. It took a great deal of planning and advice from experienced photographers to ensure all the images met the standard required and most of all complimented each other as a panel. The panel was assessed in October 2014 at the RPS headquarters in Bath by five Fellows of the Society and passed with the comment:

This photographer sees things others don’t and they have a very individual style

I couldn’t have asked for better comments. Individuality is something I strive for in my images and indeed in life. In 2016 I will be applying for the next level of distinction.

You can see more about the RPS at www.rps.org

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