Apparently if you are “Married” you don’t have to pay for one of my intimate photography sessions. Still, its great practice for me and shows the world how stunning my wife is. However, other than just practice there was a purpose to the black and white portrait shoot.

A little while ago Katie had a new tattoo drawn on her forearm. It says “She flies with her own wings”, if you know Katie, you know that sums her up perfectly. The tattoo looks great and I wanted to take a photo of her showing it off in a cool and sexy way. After some thought and playing about we ended up with he last image in this section, I think its one of my favourite photos of all time, its great if I do say so myself.

If you have some tattoos, or just want to take part in an intimate or bridal portrait session GET IN TOUCH or keep looking through this gallery for some more inspiration.


A photograph from an intimate portrait shoot with a female model had her hair over her face and is looking down, photographed by Faversham Photographer Simon Hawkins
A picture form an intimate photoshoot of a model lying on a wooden floor with her hands trenched above her face, she has her eyes closed, photographed by Faversham photographer Simon Hawkins
A black and white picture of a model leaning up against a white wall with her eyes shut looking away from the camera, photographed by Faversham photographer Simon Hawkins
A model lies on a bed with her hand running through her hair to disclose her tattoo on her forearm, the model is looking down from the camera, intimate photography by Simon Hawkins Documentary Photography in Faversham

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