Jenni and Wills Whitstable Engagement Shoot


It was a freezing cold day down by the sea but that didn’t put off a couple with an amateur dramatics background…the show must go on and all that. I always say to my clients that an engagement, couples or portrait shoot for that matter is all about collaboration and working together to get the best images we can, and luckily for me Jenni and Will were all over this, and such a pleasure to work with on their Whitstable engagement shoot.

Whitstable as I am sure many of you know is dear to my heart, I proposed to Katie there on the beach with a Christmas Eve picnic, the bit just in front of the toilets for that added bit of romance, haha. Aside form this, Whitstable is a great back drop for photos as you can see from the sample images below. I love my photo’s to have some drama and intimacy with a little dash of fun, and without doubt we achieved all three on the day. I love the kissing silhouette picture on the wall, the laughing in front of the red back drop down by East Quay but my favourite is the very last image, sexy and cool…I knew the wind would have its uses.

I’d love to hear your feedback about the photos so don’t be afraid to like, comment and share, and if you would like to book me for a shoot please don’t hesitate to GET IN TOUCH and keep up to date with all my going’s on over on THE BLOG.


The Will You Marry Me?…by Will


“I’m a bit of a ‘doer’, a run with things and see how they pan out, a lets figure it out as it happens but I knew when asking Jen to marry me this would be a different kettle of fish. She’s a clever lady and any snooping around planning would just be sussed out like something in an American crime show!!! I wanted the moment to be special, memorable and one that she would totally not expect. I had known for a year prior to that my plan was to ask the important question the following Christmas, I just needed to figure out getting the cogs in line to make it all happen.
Having previously done some freelance wedding photography work myself, mainly for friends and family, I had luckily enough been given the name of a fantastic ring design and finisher by just chatting to a wonderful bride and her bridal team during a wedding in the summer which got the ball rolling for me. I went and met Darren and explained how I’d love the ring to look and we met regularly to chat and now am the proud owner of a little collection of images which illustrates perfectly the making of the ring and just made the whole ‘moment’ even more special.
So having taken my mum and sister to see the ring designs, collecting Jen’s ring and having sat in the car with my (now best man to be) thinking ‘okay this is the real thing!’ Christmas came and went and it was my turn to go for it and figure out how to get past the female version of Sherlock which will be my wife!!
Jen has always told me that she wanted a picture of the ‘moment’ ever since we got together 4 years ago it has been her ‘thing’ so a few months of careful planning with a very helpful beautiful hotel in Malmesbury, Salisbury we set off for our Christmas get away!! I’ll be honest, the journey didn’t REALLY go to plan. It took us 6 hours. In the snowy traffic. But luckily we do love a musical (considering that’s how we met) so after exhausting the West End and Broadway collections on repeat we arrived. I remember it being the most nerve wracking thing I have ever done. Put me on a stage or ask me to publicly speak and I’m not phased but this was next level. I just remember sitting there in the restaurant, they’d given us the most beautiful private room with roaring fire, thinking ‘okay here goes!!’. I don’t remember every detail after that – just the odd reference to the fact we had been stuck in a car together for 6 hours and that I knew Jen was and is my absolutely soul mate and that there was no shadow of doubt in my mind that this was one of the most exciting things for us. I’m now a rather smug, happy fiancee with 30 photographs of the moment taken by the hotel and now a beautiful collection of photographs ready to retell our little journey in our brand new home”


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