Lucie and Jamie at The Ferry House Inn


I love every wedding I photograph of course, but it helps your creative juices when you get such interesting places and people to photograph. For instance I have never photographed a couple who met at scout camp before, nor had I photographed in such a picturesque little church. HARTY CHURCH provides great opportunities for beautiful black and white images because of the shafts of light that come through the small windows, if you like it dark and moody this is the place for you. As if this wasn’t enough photographing weddings at THE FERRY HOUSE INN is always a pleasure. It has great views of the river, hay bales, brilliant and helpful staff and of course the complete remoteness that I love. Which is great for a very private wedding venue.

I have a few favourites photographs from this wedding, Jamie’s brother putting last minute touched to his hair on the driveway of the house, Jamie;s dad holding his face in his hands in the church, Lucie pinching Jamie’s bum, the guy in the hat…the list goes on and on. I hope you enjoy the gallery and don;t forget to GET IN TOUCH if I can help create some special moments at your wedding too.


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