Elvey Farm – Becky and Tom


I honestly think I could photograph an Elvey Farm wedding every week, well almost of every week, some weekends I like to play golf.

Elvey Farm in Egerton as a fabulous venue for a laid back country style wedding. It’s quiet, it’s private and it is 15 minutes from my house, so we all win if you BOOK ME!

A relaxed country wedding was a perfect choice for a relaxed couple, Becky was so laid back she didn’t even wear shoes.

I always say to couples I meet, that getting their personality into the wedding is important, it’s what makes it a unique day to experience and of course photograph. Becky and Tom had loads of small touches that I regularly tell new clients about, from home grown flowers to bird seed to confetti (by the way I don’t recommend this, it hurts) and a sports day.

This is a tricky wedding to pick my favourites, but I love the ironing board shot because that is the reality of a wedding morning; I love the Becky’s smile in all the shots, but my absolute favourite is the grass stain in the shirt…boys will be boys!!!

If you are getting married at Elvey Farm GIVE ME A SHOUT and I will share the full gallery with you from Becky and Tom’s day or if you are having a relaxed country wedding then I can tell you all about the great ideas I’ve seen over the last 12 months that could help add the little extra pizzazz you’re looking for.


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