Danielle and Liam’s Intimate Engagement Shoot


I love these guys. Honestly…love em. You know you come across people in life sometimes, who are just genuinely nice people, who are loving life and enjoying all it has to offer? This is these two. I had a load of communication with Danielle before their shoot on a beautiful autumnal day in Faversham, Kent. Danielle told me all about how they met (Tinder…dirty stop outs), where they had been travelling and how the engagement went down (you can read all about that some more right below this). I knew that we were going to hit it off when we met and they were going to help me create some great artistic photos.

It’s really important for me that I get to know my clients so I understand how their brains tick which helps me when I shove my camera in their face for the first time. Being photographed is really awkward if it is not something that you do regularly. So as the photographer it’s my job to be sensitive and help the couple relax and enjoy the experience. If they don’t enjoy it, the photos simply won’t be as good as they could be. Hopefully you can see in these photos the happiness and the love between the two of them. I love Danielle’s smile and the black and white image showing Liam’s tattoos as he leans against the wall. I’d definitely be happy to have either of those on my wall for years to come.

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The “Will You Marry Me?”


“After a long time of sitting and deliberating on our future together, to get the house or not or go travelling we decided to sell most of the material possessions that we owned and went backpacking for six months. We visited some of the most incredible corners of the world that I never dreamed I would see, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singpaore, Indonesia, New Zealand and Dubai. I celebrated my birthday on the paradise island of Gili T off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia. I had absolutely no idea where we were staying, or what had been planned. Having spent the past five months staying in dorms, rooms at £8 a night on average and budgeting our days to the last penny it turned out that Liam had saved extra hard to splurge on three days of total relaxation and luxury. Our beautiful exclusive hotel had its own private beach and huge salt water pool. My birthday was spent cycling around the island (which took just half an hour). He arranged for us to visit the baby turtles in the turtle sanctuary (my all-time favourite animal) and we spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool.

I got ready for my birthday dinner and when I came out of our room, candles lined the walk way right the way round to the front of the hotel at the beach front, where their purpose built gazebo was lit up with more candles, flowers and twinkling lights. We had the most incredible three course meal where Liam left the table three or four times to “Go to the toilet”. The last time he returned he asked if I would like my birthday present now and asked for me come out of the gazebo and stand with him.

The moment went by so quickly and in a bit of a blur because I had absolutely no idea that this was his plan all along. He had known for just under a year before he proposed that he would ask me to be his wife and the moment was exactly how I imagined in it every way possible, he couldn’t have done it better! Having been travelling for that long, he left the ring at home and proposed with a beautiful Pandora charm bracelet with a monkey to represent our trip so that I can wear this forever along with my beautiful engagement ring that I now have, now that we are home”.


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