Jan and Rod at Whitstable Castle


If it’s good enough for Sir Paul McCartney, Robert Redford and Harrison Ford, I reckon it should be good enough for anyone. Getting married at any age is a real commitment and of course a declaration of love for one another. But to do so after you have been married and let’s say, experienced a lot of what life has to offer already is a really brave thing, but it appears there is no stopping the power of love at any age!

Jan and Rod where married at the beautiful Whitstable Castle which is perched on top of a hill between Whitstable and Tankerton. It is one of my favourite venues actually. Mrs H and I actually considered getting married there just a few years ago as it is only a few yards from the beach where I proposed on Christmas eve in the freezing cold. Anyway, I digress.

Whitstable Castle is a perfect summer wedding venue, it has an amazing wood panelled ceremony room that can’t be beaten and after 4pm you get the exclusive use of the castle and grounds. The orangery is used as a dance floor and lets in an abundance of light at sunset, it makes the first dance just that little bit more special.

Jan and Rod got ready at home in Herne Bay with all their family around them assisting them with the preparations, eating of sandwiches and handing out of some special presents…they received some sexy pink handcuffs from Jan’s daughter for use on their honeymoon. Like I said you are never too old…and by the way Rod I saw that cheeky glint in your eye when Jan showed them to you!

Once the sandwiches were gone and handcuffs safely stowed away in the honeymoon bag it was time to leave for the main event. The sun was shining when we reached the castle and Jan and Rod were the most relaxed pair I have seen a while, not a hint of nerves. Jan and Rod’s relaxed attitude made for a fun and relaxed wedding day, so bridezillas do yourself a favour, chill out and take a leaf out of Jan’s book because you will have a better day for it. Trust me I’m a photographer.

If you are getting married at Whitstable Castle you can check out more of my weddings there by looking at Mario and Jenny’s wedding  in the WEDDING PORTFOLIO and if you like what you see then GIVE ME A CALL to discuss your wedding plans.

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