Bianca is a strong, career minded woman confident in any scenario, but she had never been in front of the camera and was understandably nervous before the photo shoot. I had explained in our phone consultation that what we were about to undertake was not boudoir photography. I always explain to my clients that intimate portrait photography is art and a collaboration between the hair and make-up artist, the photographer and of course the subject, i.e. Bianca.

Bianca completely took on board the collaboration piece like a duck to water and by the end of the session it was like she had been modelling of years and I couldn’t get her away from the camera and coming up with new ideas.

My favourite image from this shoot is probably the colour one of her lips as she stares straight at the camera and her grey top borders off the image nicely. Is it sexy…yes…is it boudoir…no.

Please GET IN TOUCH  if you would like to take part in an intimate photoshoot, you can do this on your own or with your partner, check out Roisin and Brad’s gallery if you want to see more of my couples work.


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