Ally and Jon’s Fairground Wedding


It’s no wonder that Preston Court is listed by Bridal Musings as one of the top 10 wedding venues not only in Kent, or the UK, but the whole entire world!!

Preston Court has absolutely everything, an island to get married on…yes an island in the middle of a lake, a Victorian carousel, beautifully restored barns, peace and quiet, a new glamping site for all your wedding guests and most importantly friendly and attentive staff, they are up there with the best I have seen without doubt.

So it’s clear to see why Ally and Jon decided to pick Preston Court for their wedding venue. They live in Dubai but hail from the frozen north (little Game of Thrones reference there, its back on again soon, I’m getting excited, it’s the greatest TV series since The Sopranos – FACT). They had absolutely no other reason to pick Preston Court other than they loved it.

I had an amazing time photographing the day for them; I will even let them off for not finishing their speeches until 9pm and doing the first dance an hour later because I loved every minute of their wedding. Even when I had packed up to go I decided to get the camera out again because the band had kicked off a battle of the sexes on the dance floor, it was too funny to miss, and a golden photo opportunity I couldn’t resist. By the way, I absolutely recommend this to all you prospective brides and grooms out there, it livens up the evening no end, but obviously needs to be at a point when people are suitably inebriated to whip out their best dance moves.

The new Mr and Mrs Lee’s day started at the lovely Goss Hall, a beautiful bed and breakfast not far from Preston Court. The bucked the trend of not seeing each other on the morning of the wedding so were both there when I arrived. These two were calmness personified, which is not something you see at every wedding I can tell you. Jon’s only sticking point was working out which knot to do his tie in, thank goodness for smart phones and some persistence from Adam his Best man and Simon his Usher. Both thoroughly nice chaps by the way, and once Jon was sorted they hopped on board the red Routemaster bus and went for a tour round the Kent countryside picking up all the guests with a champagne welcome en-route to Preston Court.

Ceremony time at Preston Court is a real event; the guests take their seats across the lake and the bridal party on the island. Yes I know of course a wedding ceremony is a momentous moment but the setting at Preston Court really adds to the drama of the occasion. Ally took the long walk with her Dad from in front of the house, through the garden and over the bridge before arriving at Jon’s side. You can see how proud Jon looked as he watched all this unfold in front of us. The ceremony went off without a hitch then Ally and Jon danced their way back over the bridge to start what was a great afternoon and party.

Jon’s mum and dad had constructed loads of old school fairground games for the guests to play before dinner. They had even given each game a name. Jenga became the Burj Khalifa, the coconut shy became Jon’s Coconuts and the tins can became Tin Can “Ally”. There were even score sheets to determine the winner. Absolutely brilliant.

The games and laughter were a prominent feature of this Preston Court wedding and hopefully you can see why I picked such an upbeat song by American Authors for the photofilm. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed photographing Ally and Jon’s wedding. Please remember to comment, like and share 🙂

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Awesome catering from Minno Kitchen – www.minnokitchen.com

Music from Elle Williams – www.alivenetwork.com

The Band – Penfold

Flowers from Gibsons Farm Shop – www.gibsonsfarmshop.com

The beautiful dress from Helen Miller – www.helenmillerbridal.com

Lighting from Mobius – www.mobiusevents.co.uk

Hair and Make up by Leila

Photo Booth from Apollo Funk – www.apollofunk.com

Transport from Redroute Buses – www.redroutebuses.co.uk

The all important wine from ester wines – www.esterwines.com


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