A Tour of Preston Court with Kent Wedding Photographer Simon Hawkins


I cannot tell you how big a step it is for someone who usually hides behind a camera to step in front of it, my face and mostly my voice are not made for recording (so apologies in advance). My Preston Court wedding video is the first of many wedding venue tours I am going to give you over on the Simon Hawkins Weddings You Tube channel.

I can hear you saying, “Why set up a You Tube channel if you don’t like being on video Simon?”.

The answer is simple. I have a wealth of knowledge about wedding venues in Kent specifically and I thought it would be a good idea to give you an insider’s look at the places you are perhaps looking to get married at, and the best thing for you is you don’t even have to leave your armchair! Sharing is caring right?

So without more of a do, here is my very first wedding venue tour, I hope it proves useful and if you are looking to get married at Preston Court or anywhere else in Kent or the UK, GIVE ME A SHOUT and you can give me some constructive criticism on my presenting techniques…and we can talk about your wedding as well 🙂


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