I Love This Photo, Number Five


The Orangery Maidstone is a beautiful place and the perfect wedding venue for a moment of silent contemplation. This is Jeannie, the mother of the bride. This is not the first time Jeannie has played the role, in fact this was the third time. So no wonder a moment of quiet with her thoughts was needed after the wedding breakfast.

I have a young daughter and I already dread the day I have to hand her over to some ugly good for nothing boy, so goodness knows what was running through Jeannie’s mind for the third time. Of course I have no idea what she was thinking, but I bet it was something along the lines of how well her and her husband David had done in bringing up four great kids, and how fast it had all flown by.

So whats the moral of the story? Enjoy life, enjoy your kids, because all too soon they will be in the hands of a smelly boy…or girl.

If you are getting married at The Orangery, or anywhere else for that matter, give me a shout and lets talk about how I can take great pictures of your parents on your wedding day.


A mother of the bride has a moment to herself as she walks across the bridge at the Orangery Maidstone to the beautiful gardens on the other side, photographed by Simon Hawkins Documentary Photography in Maidstone Kent
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