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A Day in the Life of some Little Explorers in Hythe


Little Explorers Hythe is a brilliant new nursery set up by former teachers Nicola and Georgie. Its an amazing facility with loads of space, different rooms and areas for the kids to learn and play in. My personal favourite was the sensory room, I’m not sure how many nursery’s have these but the kids loved it…although photographing in the pitch black was a little tricky!

It was great to be part of the kids day back in November, they were so welcoming and not phased at all from having a big ugly man walking around taking photos of them, and as the day wore on they played up for the camera perfectly. I do a reasonable amount of family photography which is great fun but actually really challenging from a photographic point of view because of my documentary style. Usually there is only two or three children running around which is a huge challenge because they move so fast. However, trying to keep up with 12 kids was a whole new level!! Natural and unposed photography works so well in these scenarios because the children just get on with life, they are not self conscious at all, which means great candid photos.

As well as having great indoor space the nursery has a huge back garden for the children to play in. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like mess or getting their hands too dirty, for example I would eat a doughnut on a plate with a fork so as not to get covered in sugar…yes I’m a loser. The kids on the other hand as you will see from the photofilm absolutely love getting stuck into the filth. There was water, mud, sand and even shaving foam for them to play with, they had a great time and it was fun to photograph of course, as was the rest of the day.

Please take a few minutes to enjoy the photofilm below, you won’t regret spending some time watching these happy faces. If you like what you see please like and share, and if you would like me to come and photograph a day in your life please get in touch I would love to hear from you.



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