I Love This Photo, Number Ten


A wedding day is a crazy day for a bride and groom. It flies past in the blink of an eye, which is why if you are getting married you need to think about taking a little time out during the day for yourselves, away from all the other wedding guests. It will be the first time as husband and wife you will have been on your own, so I think its an important part of the day that many couples forget to include in the schedule. I’m not saying wander off for an hour, but with a glass of fizz in your hands take twenty minutes to reflect on the day and try to savour the moment and of course enjoy the view.

The view of the Thames Estuary from The Ferry House Inn in Kent is amazing at any time of the year. Bright sunshine or dark rolling clouds it doesn’t matter, it always looks great. So a perfect location for some time alone, and that is exactly what Lucy and Jamie took advantage of. I love this photo for two reasons. Of course I love it because of the backdrop but I also photographed a personal moment between the two of them being completely natural. Documentary wedding photography can produce some amazing results without the photographer having to give any direction. After I have given my couples their photos after the wedding it is always the natural ones they love the most guaranteed.

If you would like to see more from Lucy and Jamie’s Ferry House Inn wedding head on over to my PORTFOLIO now and once you’ve done that don’t forget to GET IN TOUCH so we can chat about the beautiful views your wedding venue has to offer.

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