I Love This Photo, Number Eleven


You wouldn’t think it (because obviously I am the photography version of Rocky), but deep down inside I am an emotional soul, I regularly ALMOST cry at weddings. Once even the mother of the bride gave me a little nod during the speeches to check if I was ok, I think there may have been one small tear about to roll out my right eye…it was clearly a very dramatic speech.

When I see a father of the bride bursting with love and pride when he sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress, it always gives me a little lump in my throat. I guess this is largely because I have a daughter of my own and it makes me think of how proud of her I am already and she is only three, imagine how proud I will be by the time she gets to marrying age!

So it is clear to see why I love this photo. It’s a photo of Roisin and her dad moments after he was let into the dressing room at THE OLD KENT BARN. You don’t need to know these people because the photo tell’s the whole story, it’s written all over this face.

You can see more from Roisin and Brad’s wedding over in my WEDDING PORTFOLIO and if you want to have a chat about me photographing your wedding just drop me a line over on my CONTACT page right now.

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