Lauren and Paul’s Italian Wedding


The tenth century castle of CASTELLO DI ROSCIANO was the setting for Lauren and Paul’s wedding in Italy just a few miles from the ancient city of Perugia.

This area of Umbria is absolutely beautiful so I can see why the new Mr and Mrs Brennan decided this was the place for them to tie the knot, and they certainly made the most of it with a wedding celebration that lasted for a number of days. I guess for couples getting married abroad there is always the doubt about whether people will come and join them for their special day in the sun. Happily for Lauren and Paul they were joined by loads of friends and family from across the globe, from Spain to Canada to West Malling, which helped make this wedding that extra bit special.

I joined the celebrations on Friday night at the castle for a casual evening of the finest Italian food and wine, and as it turns out some amazing Italian music from a local band from Perugia called P-FUNKING BAND. Words can’t do these guys justice, they were truly awesome, and a brilliant secret surprise for all the guests to enjoy and get dancing to. Check out the video on my FACEBOOK page to see what I’m going on about. I left early on Friday night to make sure I got my beauty sleep, but I believe the party went on until 1am to the sounds of something decidedly English, 90’s garage!

After a good nights sleep (for me) and at least ‘sleep’ for the others, the wedding day was upon us. No doubt a few paracetamols were popped early doors but then it was on with the prepping and preening ready for the outdoor ceremony overlooking the stunning Umbrian landscape. As Paul nervously wrote his speech and applied his Usher aftershave…yes I did say Usher aftershave (it smelt better than you think), Lauren was being dolled up by her five gorgeous bridesmaids with the odd boomerang break, which yielded one of my favourite photos of the day as a dressing gown landed on one of the bridesmaids heads as they strutted their stuff for the camera. You can also check that out on my Facebook page.

Castello di Rosciano is a truly unique wedding venue and delivers a fabulous back drop for a wedding ceremony. Lauren took the long walk to the gardens with her dad where Paul stood nervously waiting for her with the Italian sun beating down on us all. Lauren looked stunning which of course Paul thought as well, so much so he must have been trembling when it came to the giving of the wedding rings as Lauren’s ring ended up on the ground, there is nothing like a ring drop to break the tension.

The rest of the ceremony went off without a hitch and everyone gathered on one of the many terraces for the start of what I like to call the Italian food marathon. Man, you have never seen so much food in all your life, and it was all as you can imagine, mouth wateringly beautiful. Cheese, cold meats, pizza, vegetables, salads, prawns, focaccia, the list goes on and on. But it doesn’t stop there. There was then a sit down meal of pasta and melt in the mouth beef followed by buffet of desert and wedding cake back on the terrace. If you are thinking about getting married in Italy, I strongly suggest you do it, if for no more reason than you won’t have to eat again for a week after the wedding day.

The previous evening’s fun went on late into the night which of course the guys needed to beat, so things got wrapped up around 4am so I am told. I left around 11.30 just as Lauren and the bridesmaids decided to hold an impromptu concert with the bands mic’s and drums, I am sure you can guess how the rest of the night went.

As you can tell I loved this wedding and the whole experience. I want to say thank you to Lauren and Paul for inviting me to Castello di Rosciano and to all their friends and family for making me feel so welcome.

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Ciao for now x


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