I Love This Photo, Number Three


I think its the bright orange swimming shorts that do it for me, without them this photo is nothing…I mean what was going through his mind when he saw those on the rack in the shop, and thought, “Yep those bad boys are the ones for me”! However, my love for this wedding photograph doesn’t solely rest with the shorts, its the mincing that goes with it, makes me laugh every time I see it. I know the water was cold, but take it long a man for goodness sakes!!


Anyway I’m glad he went for the orange shorts because it helped me capture a great documentary photograph at Abi and Claire’s wedding at The Beacon House in Whitstable earlier this year. The wedding actually yielded a number of great images, which you can see here on an earlier blog, but this is without doubt my favourite. If you are getting married by the sea next year, I recommend you definitely take a dip to cool off, and employ me to take the photo’s, I am a specialist in aquatic wedding photography after all.


A picture of a bride, her friends and her dog running into the sea at Whitstable
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