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Hannah and Matt (a.k.a Tilley)


We live in the country now, and its awesome…everyone should live in the country at some point in their lives. Its beautiful, peaceful and your neighbours own horses and live in amazing houses. Not that our house isn’t amazing to us but we always joke that we follow the Karl Pilkington rule, he says:

“I’d rather live a cave with the view of a palace than live in a palace with a view of the cave”

Makes us laugh anyway.

When I said to one of my neighbours who speaks the Queens English a touch better than me, that I was off to Aldeburgh (a place I had never heard of by the way) to photograph a wedding he replied:

“Oh yes the Aldeburgh Opera Festival, yes I know it”.

I haven’t booked a ticket for next year’s festival…but at least I will sound as cultured as my neighbor if anyone asks me about Aldeburgh again. You can buy your tickets here, and it turns out its not just opera – http://www.aldeburgh.co.uk, probably a great event…probably.

Anyway I digress.

Hannah and Tilley, what lovely people, with great family and great friends, they all made me feel so welcome and part of the meticulously planned wedding day.

Hannah is a great planner (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it!), she had presented me with a plan of the day months before and had crossed all the T’s and dotted the I’s. How was she to know the flowers for her hair would be delivered with the heads not open enough to look good once threaded carefully into position by the very talented Vicki Lord. Luckily enough before panic ensued there was a knock at the door. It was a bunch of flowers being delivered courtesy of Tilley, they were not for Hannah’s hair, but just because he loves her…and as luck with have it they served as an even better replacement, how romantic is that.

After that the day went swimmingly, a beautiful marriage ceremony at the White Lion Hotel, a stroll down the promenade accompanied by the very talented Soul Thieves and cheered on by the bank holiday tourists, reception drinks at The Brudenell with the best posh scotch eggs I have ever tasted and then back to the White Lion for the wedding breakfast, speeches, sparklers and dancing into the night.

It was a day of entertainment well worth watching on my photofilm, so get yourself a glass Pimm’s, make yourself comfy, and imagine you are sat at the Suffolk seaside with your feet in the sea.


Make your own Suffolk seaside wedding:

Hair – http://www.vickilord.co.uk

Makeup – http://lucyjaynemakeup.co.uk

Dress – http://www.pronovias.com/gb

Music – http://www.thesoulthieves.co.uk

Venue – http://www.whitelion.co.uk

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