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Dan and Nat on Whitstable Beach

I ran a promotion not so long ago, in order to find some adventurous couples with a zest for life, willing to humour me in creating an alternative type of engagement shoot. Its lovely to capture two people so in love…but trust me, it’s even better when they start to throw paint powder at each other.

I had a brilliant response from lots of great couples with amazing stories which made it very difficult to pick the lucky few. Dan and Nat grabbed my attention because of their love for the great outdoors. I knew when I read their email that they were the perfect couple to help me with my ideas. They clearly have not only a love for one another, but a love for life that they embrace in the form of sky dives and mountain climbing. Upon meeting them I knew I had made a great choice, their playfulness and willingness to have fun was apparent from the start. I was even more excited when they enthusiastically welcomed my ideas for the shoot and were more than willing to get involved…and get messy. Lucky for me it wasn’t until we were well into the shoot that I discovered Dan supported Tottenham…a fact that may well have found their application heading straight for the bottom of the pile had I of known this earlier!!

I met Dan and Nat outside my favourite café bar in Whitstable called The Bubble – https://www.thebubblewhitstable.co.uk on what was luckily for me (and them) a beautiful sunny day. Thankfully, it was also a calm day …I didn’t think through the fact that holi powder is light and blows away in the wind!

To kick things off and to enable me to get to know Dan and Nat a little more we spent some time taking some intimate images, in my tried and trusted black and white format. I love these pictures because you can see the love between them and the black and white only enhances this. Its classic and timeless, like watching an old movie. Theres something enchanting about how beautiful someone can look when photographed in this way, hence this is one of the reasons I shoot many of my wedding day images in this way – black and white is built to last.

I don’t doubt through all this pre-amble Dan and Nat were itching to get onto the fun stuff, and man did they deliver when we got down to it! They had a great time launching into each other; I think they forgot that I was there at one point – never mind the small crowd we had attracted as well! These images are great because they are totally natural. Two people, in love, having fun. Before the shoot I had thought how brilliant it would be if the couple would then be up for washing off in the sea….I barely had to ask Dan and Nat and they were in! So much so that they were off so fast I had to get in myself just to keep up! My trainers now stink of seaweed…but it was undoubtedly worth it.

I hope you enjoy the photos and that they inspire you to enjoy one another and have some fun every now and again. If you would like to take part in a holi powder shoot, whether you are engaged, married or simply fancy a day out with the kids for a family photo shoot that you will never forget then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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