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Ofishal-Xavier…The Next Will Smith


This is Xavier…

He is cool…

I am not…but I like to think I am and by association I hope to run the clock back a few years and let this amazingly talented guy take us places, ideally a trip to Africa and then on to a world tour would be sweet, every moment photographed and documented by his official photographer (that’s me, he didn’t know that, but he does now…cheers for the gig Xavier mate, I only fly business class by the way).

I met Xavier recently at the wedding of Shungu and David at the beautiful wedding venue of Northbrook Park in Surrey (http://www.northbrookpark.co.uk).

Xavier was the MC. Not the white gloves and red jacket kind, the insanely cool kind. I won’t be thanked for this in the wedding industry but I am recommending to all my clients that they ditch the toastmaster and employ an MC and a DJ to run their day. I’ve never seen a toastmaster perform his new single after the wedding breakfast or lead the dancing into the night like Xavier did.

In life, sometimes, you come across people that have an aura about them, and have that little something extra that us normal human beings can only long for. You either have “It” or you don’t…Xavier has “It”. He has an amazingly rich background from being born in South Africa, raised in Zimbabwe and of Portuguese/Mozambican descent. You can see this diversity influences his work as an actor, musician, model and of course event MC.

So check out Xavier’s music on You Tube and follow him on Instagram and Facebook, the new Will Smith is going global baby!


Ps. Like and share this blog so he doesn’t forget to take me with him!






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